• Northeastern University, Dept. of Physics, Teaching Assistant
  • Samsung Electronics, ASIC Devision, Researcher
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Dept. of Electronics Engineering, Visiting Scholar
  • Hanwha corporation/Telecom, R&D Planning Office, Manager
  • Catholic University of Korea, School of Inform., Comm. & Elec. Engineering, Regular Visiting Professor
  • Hanyang University, Research Assistant Professor
  • Hongik University (Seoul), the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Associate professor

Social Activity

  • KPS(Korea Physical Society), Regular member
  • IEEK(Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea), Regular member
  • SPIE(the International Society for Optical Engineering) Regular member
  • IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Regular member


  • Best Academic Award: First Author(main auther)
    "Contact Hole Patterns of Finite Element Method," 30th SPIE Conference, San Jose, California, USA Microlithography Best Academic Poster Award (2005)
  • Best Paper Prize: First Author(main auther)
    "Advanced Lithography Simulation for Various 3-Dimensional Nano / Microstructuring Fabrications in Positive- and Negative-Tone Photoresist," 7th International Nanotech Symposium & Exhibition in Korea (NANO KOREA 2009)
  • Samsung Electronic Co. Award: Solo Author
    "Modeling and Simulation of Line Edge and Width Roughness for EUV Resists," 19th Korean Conference Semiconductors in Korea University, Seoul (2012)